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Welcome to the home of Anger Management Training Solutions , including classes for:

  • Emotional Intelligence for Home or Workplace
  • Communication
  • Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness 

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Your overall health begins with Emotional Intelligence Classes not only as it goes to heart health but also workplace and home stress, and divorce rates. Let us help you your most valuable sense-your stress level.

Here at The Skill Studios Learning Center and Anger Management Training Solutions, we have been providing high-quality and affordable training since 1993 for individuals and groups. We pride ourselves on our reputation of parenting classes and communication classes. We combine cutting-edge technology and customize training to your needs with a calming, patient-focused atmosphere.

You will love our friendly service,  and professional, supportive staff. We are currently accepting new trainees. Call our phone number now to schedule an appointment. 

Groups/Classes and Individual One-to-One classes
are conducted through: 

Skill Studios Learning Center in Sacramento and Davis
2 Scripps Dr. #306 Sacramento, Ca. 95825
(530) 400-3275

Helping Men Become More Emotionally Expressive: New Skills For Men- A Ten Week Program- Facilitated by Eric Buck, MFT, CAMF
THURSDAYS 5:30-730 BEGINNING 10/02/17 Except we will not meet Thanksgiving week.
This (12 man limit) therapy group is structured with readings and homework. Each session is 2hrs long. Each session follows the same format: 1 hr. of Experiential Activity, grounding the group in the here and now moving them away from an intellectual encounter. The second hour is process oriented and provides a time to discuss the homework readings or any concerns that relate to the weeks topic. The homework encourages men to identify feelings outside the group and to practice them in  context.

The men are taught that emotional expression is not something just for women or from their feminine side but that many emotions are a part of their masculinity. It takes great courage open up what we experience in the mountains and oceans of feelings that we have. We work in a safe place with the non-shaming protection and guidance of a seasoned therapist and the counterpoint of the structure of the class. These skills have the potential to strengthen our bond with the women and children  in our lives, our connection to ourselves (self-esteem) and to the men we connect with as well. All men are welcome single or not. No matter which situation we are in we have more in common as men than differences.

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Classes for Teens and Adults in Communication, Stress Management, Anger Management, empathy, assertiveness training

Skill Studios Learning Center
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Sacramento Office:
2 Scripps Dr.#306
Sacramento, Ca.95825

Davis Office:
105 E Street#2E
Davis, Ca. 95616

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Payments by Credit Card, Cash, or Money Order will secure your spot.

The Skill Studios Learning Center offers a wide variety of classes in Emotional Intelligence Training that range from Anger Management to Interpersonal Communication to Drug/Alcohol Recovery Psychoeduction. We have Road Rage Intervention Classes. We also offer Parenting classes for Parents and Character Building classes for Teens. Some people can benefit from Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance Skills that are taught in our DBT Influenced – Dialectical Behavior Therapy Classes.WE HAVE SEPARATE CLASSES FOR TEENS AND ADULTS.

Although individual classes and group classes are the  main services we offer at our offices we also provide  services to school districts and workplace or corperate organizations in areas like wellness and bullying.

Our curriculum is researched based.  The best audio –visual techniques are used to give you the best learning experience which is then crowned with a  certificate of completion for every 8 or 10 class module you complete. 

All Skill Studio Learning Center Emotional Intelligence classes are grounded in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques. Our instructors are highly trained, energetic, and trained to give you an experience that is stimulating and  rejeuvenating with a sense of humor.

If you haven’t been in school for a while or never really liked taking classes be assured that our classes find the dignity in each person’s contribution and respect is given to everyone. We spell Diversity with a capital “D”. Some members have learning differences and we have assistants to help them with learning materials in between classes for free through calling our toll-free member customer service line.

> Teen Dialectical Behavior Therapy Class(DBT influenced) Part I Mondays 4:30
> Parenting Class Part I Tuesdays 7:00 pm
> Adult Anger Management Part I Thursdays 7:00pm

> Teen Interpersonal Communication Class Part I Tuesdays 5:30
> Adult Interpersonal Communication Class Part I Wednesdays 6:30
> Teen Drug/Alcohol Psychoeducation Class Part I Thursdays 5:30
>session class coverage.Class schedule subject to change every 10 wks.

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